Today I want to send a special thank you to all the people that understand and show appreciation to the ones that help them. A person does not always have to help you by giving you money. They can help you by giving you a kind word or a shoulder to cry on. When you are on your day-to-day hustle, do you take out time to appreciate someone? Do you show someone love and offer them a hand? Due to the nature of the business I am in, many people expect me to show them love just because. That never makes sense to me. The ask me to download and share their links or ask for my services for free. I mean I understand the whole concept of "times are hard" and "money is short"...but what makes someone think BreezySays is a free benefit.

I also show love to artists and try to work with their budget. My first question to anyone asking me for assistance is "how much are you budgeting for this specific job?" Not because I want to short change or over charge them, but I want to give you the options that will get you the advancement you are looking for, while not depleting all of your funds. I always take time out to share links, blasts, or whatever else I can to the people that do the same for me. This is a mutual exchange of appreciation and should always be on the forefront of your actions. A person sometimes really just needs a thank you, or a shoutout and I try to make sure that I do this at least once a week<----minimum!!! Reflect on your actions and take a look at the people who support you....once you are done, make sure you take out time to show them your appreciation. Do not stop there, the love someone shows you, try to pay it forward. It will always make its way back to you. I appreciate all my supporters and fans.
Ms. Breezy

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