What's your value?

Before you think you know what today's post is all about, please read on. I do not want to talk about self worth today. What I am going to discuss is your actual value, as far as services or work related figures. I have been interviewing and talking with a specific company for the last year about working for them. At first, I was just excited that they reached out to me and then I found out what the pay was. Most people would just stop taking the calls, but I said I will take the call and let them know what it cost to have someone like myself working for them. The company stopped calling and emailing me, so I thought they had hired someone else and yesterday out of the blue a recruiter called and I told her how much it would take for me to take the job, she said that she believed that was a fair amount and would let me know if they are going to continue to pursue me or not.

This could turn out to be a great thing, because if they do hire me I will get the amount I asked for. If they go with someone else that is fine, because when you work a job and feel devalued it causes you to lose enthusiasm and it may affect your job performance. I shared this story with you all because I see many people allow others to out a price tag on your value, but do not do that. Never be afraid to let people know what your per hour rate is, but understand that you must work hard and prove that amount if hired. I am ready and very excited to work for this company, so hopefully things will fall in place.
Ms. Breezy

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