Mind ya Manners

Hello everyone it is another week ahead of us and like I say, do not be mad that it is Monday, be excited to have another chance to start over. I want to let you guys now of an experience I had last night. It was father's day here in Brazil, so I cooked my dad a nice meal in the afternoon and then we went out to dinner. While trying to figure out where we wanted to eat, we stopped at a gas station and started watching a soccer game.There was an older gentleman there and he started talking to us. As the conversation grew he actually shared how upset he was that none of his kids told him happy fathers day. Then the conversation about how kids used to have manners and people used to know how to speak to one another started.

I am not going to reminisce about the good old days, because in my home we still use the terms please and thank you. I have a father that never allows us to ask for something without saying please and returning it with a thank you. Using these mindful words does not make you a weak person, nor does it take away from your title. If you use them you will see how much more respect you get from others. It is not that people were different back then, it is that people know how to mind their manners. There are still some households and places of employment that do, let yours be one of them. Lets get this week started off right, THANKS for reading.
Ms. Breezy

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