That too shall pass

Amazingly enough the pain I felt and hurt left. I got rid of extra people and fake feelings. The funny thing is when we do this sometimes we feel like the pain of letting go is unbearable and we will never bounce back, but we must remember we can live without these people. Do not get it twisted and think I am talking relationships only, I am talking about any relationship you are in that may be destructive. We seem to become content and happy with hurt. WHY??? Well there are some people who fear being alone. Never fear the company of yourself, embrace it!

Learn to surround yourself with people that truly care about you. Learn that you are worth real love, real happiness, and not something forced. I felt like I lost so many friends and actually tried to work around the bullshit and remain friends, but then i decided I preferred quality over quantity. Today I realized their absence means nothing to me anymore. I cannot say for sure that everyone around me is the best, because sometimes it's hard to see what people have hiding under their exterior, but I am in a much better place. I wish you all the best and happiness. Do not allow the unnecessary fake feelings around, the pain may last for a while, but that too shall pass.

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