Are you Ready

I feel like we need to be ready for the seeds we plant. Hard workers need to be ready for great outcomes and the ones not doing anything, need to be ready to stay where they are. Regardless, if you believe in Karma or not, life is a cycle. It is going to give you back exactly what you give it. I for one have finally gotten that concept and started working towards the things I want. I can say that right now things are already starting to come my way. I have so many new ideas, opportunities, and plans in motion that it just feels amazing. I know my life is not where I ultimately want it to be, but it sure as hell feels wonderful to be where I am at.

The homework assignment for the weekend is to take a look at your current actions. Do your actions today match the outcome you want to have tomorrow? If you can honestly say yes, than keep it up and do your thing baby!!!! Now if your actions are complete opposite to what you want to achieve, develop a new game plan and set it in motion. Life comes at us fast and before you know it the present has become the future, so set up your present as the reflection of your future. Its Breezy Baby!!!

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