I always try to innovate the things I do. If I am not the first person doing it, then I have to be the best. It seems like there are so many people around here following in the footsteps of others, but they are not doing it better than the original person. In my opinion, it makes no sense to do what somebody else already did, if not to make some changes to the design. I try my hardest not to do what the next person has done, because I want to outdo myself. I do this because my mind wonders a lot and as a child I thought that was a bad thing, but as I grow I start to realize that this is a great asset. I compete and try to innovate myself.

The reason I am talking about this today is to tell you all that you should never be afraid to do something new. Even if you fail it is alright, nobody knows that you failed because it has never been done before. Also, if you must do something that has already been done, at least switch things up and work on making it better. Contrary to popular belief there is enough room out here for everybody. This is the beginning of another week that we can use to get steps further in our journey to the top.
Ms. Breezy

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