Move your feet

Why do people get mad when others do not wait for them to do something? At times I contemplate the things I could have done if I was waiting on other people. I know now that if i decide to do something and I am passionate about it, I just need to do it. People will other join me later or will never be ready, but at least I did it. I have said this time and time again, life does not stop for us. This means that if we want to do something, we need to go ahead and get the ball rolling. When I decided to start school I had a friend start with me, she eventually stopped going and I continued. Well a few years later I finished and she has yet to complete a full-year (even though she tried a few more times to attend)...What would have happened if I did not move my feet and keep going?

We sometimes allow the inaction of others influence us in the worst possible ways. I refuse to sit back and let other people dictate my speed down the highway of success. I am not 100% sure what my final destionation will be, but one thing i do know without a doubt is if I delay in starting, then it will take me even longer to get there. Decide what you want and move your the end of the day you cannot blame your inactions on the motivation and movement of others.
Ms. Breezy

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