We can save ourselves some unnecessary problems with the people in our lives if we stop expecting so much from them. Not saying that all expectations are wrong, but at times we expect way more out of a person than they are willing to put out for us. This does not mean they do not love us, it does mean that they may not want to get to the level we want for them. We need to respect the wishes and goals of others, if we want the same in return. There are times where I get frustrated with other people because they are stagnant in their life choices, but that is something I need to work on. I have goals and I am working towards them, but that does not mean the people in my life have to do the same. In my lifespan, I have come into circumstances in which I know for a fact a person has more potential than they think and my "need" to see them succeed put an unexpected amount of pressure on them, because they were fine and happy right where they were in life. Looking back, now I see that it was unfair of me to do that to them and I have stopped doing it. If we understand that simple respect factor when dealing with others we will do much better in our dealings with people. For those of you in the USA, please enjoy your holiday and for my readers fom other countries....welcome to another week. Ms.Breezy

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