Never let them get the best of you

I am not going to write something long today. The only thing I want to say is never let people who do not motivate, inspire, or even believe in you get your best. These people do not deserve your best. The really do not even need to be a part of your life. I just cannot seem to grasp the idea od keeping people in my life that are always knocking me down or telling me I cannot do something I am working towards. Being very honest I have even gotten into with my mama about this. She has her own little schedule about how my life should go and I told her, look I did a few things you asked me to do and now it is my turn to do what I want to do. I give her two options and that was be on my side or sit on the outside and look in. She chose to be on my side, but I felt no remorse in giving her these options. I do not think my mama meant any harm, but these things are what can be the difference between success and failure. Homework for the weekend is to evaluate who is in your day-to-day life, do they inspire you or tear you down. We at times do not even notice it because we think "well that's just how they are"...those days need to come to an end, let us take a close look at each relationship and if they are producing negative results, well you know what to do.

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