What's the REAL price?

Today I will be very quick with the post. Recently I have seen a lot of people complain about how they are waiting for a person to do something for them, that was promised to be completed at an earlier timeframe. The ones that I have a relationship with tell me it is a free service the person is providing them. Wait a minute!!!!!!!!! Did you just say FREE?? Yes, they did. Well let me tell you something about how I do a "free, hookup, homie discount" be 100% honest, those things are done as my time becomes available. If I am working on your project and a paying customer hits me up, then your project gets put to the side. That is not me saying you are less important, but it does mean I have made a committment to a customer. You being a friend should know I have priorties. You are important, but at the end of the day my bills have a priority and you are not contributing to me being able to pay my bills. Now, me being the friend I am, I will not make you wait very long, but I am trying to shed light on this issue. There are people who procrastionate and will make you wait a lot longer than you would have, if you had paid someone to do it. Learn that sometimes the FREE, can cost you more than regular price.

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