Sitting Still

Lately I have been having the same dream sequence over and over again. The scenery changes, but the main character is always the same. I do not know why I keep dreaming about this specific person because I do not even speak to them anymore. When I wake-up I always think should I call and see if everything is ok. At that time I ask myself, could I really do something if there was a problem...NO! Today I reached a point and that is that I should just sit still and try to either understand why I keep having these dreams and/or wait for them to go away. People sometimes are quick to act and the thing about that is, when we chose to act, we cannot undo it. The action may prove to be more negative than positive in the future. There is nothing wrong with sitting still and being sure of our next move before actually doing it. Right now I am at a point where I think and wait, once I am sure what I will do next I go and do it. Do you have decisions that need to be made? Take all the necessary time needed to make sure the decision you chose is correct. It is better to make the best move, instead of making a fast one that you later regret. Ms.Breezy

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