Well this weekend was very fun for me. My son turned 9 years of age, we debuted the app, and attracted/sealed new deals. I have seen some things out of people that truly has been erking my nerves. I do not understand why one person can feel so superior to another when they are in the same exact position. Why do you feel special because you have a bunch of bandwagon people on your side. I have grown increasingly turned off by the term boss and other various used upper-level/superior state pseudonyms. I have actually wanted to tell some people "you are not as hot as you think"....but I recognize that I myself am not in that position and ask myself "who the fuck am I?" I hope that I get over this feeling and disgust of seeing how others act and have their noses in the air looking down on people, who are on their same level. I think it may be because I never wanted to have my ass kissed <---that does not excite me, unless its done literally in the bedroom. I am not going to lie and see recognition does not feel good, but I want to be recognized for stuff that I actually accomplish and will be the first one to fight and say "you better recognize because I worked for this."

Let's take an inventory of where we are and where the next man is. Even if it seems like they are "beneath us" it may not be true. We are all not headed in the same direction, even if we have the same destination. I may WANT to take the scenic view and you may WANT to take the highway. That does not mean you are better, it just means you have different reasons and timeframes than I do. Learn to look ahead and not sideways, you will feel like you are doing great because your eyes is on the prize instead of the other man. I do not even know if people truly read my blog posts and learn or agree with me, but this is how I truly feel and I can only put that out and hope it is received by my readers. Welcome to Monday and have a great day.

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