You can do it!!!!

Yesterday I was talking to someone about taking their project to the next level. She kept second-guessing herself and asking how hard would it be to maintain what she needs to do. I told her look it takes hard work, but if you remain dedicated to doing it than you can. I am here telling you all that anything you want to do and are trying to do, you can! Of course, some take longer and are hard to do than others. When I started this blog I never posted a blog, or created a website, or hosted a radio show, or did online music forward 9 months later and I can proudly say I do it. Right now, I can say we are on the android phones (click the link to download the app)....My girls in Florida hold it down at local events, I got Poochi holding down her area, so BreezySays as a company is definitely growing and reaching people. This from someone who had no formal training in any of these various outlets, but what I do have is the will to do it and the patience to try. I know I can and refuse to be told and accept NO as an answer. Don't get me wrong there definitely are some instances which are beyond my control and since I have to wait on approval or other license to come through causes them to take longer, what do I do??? I stay on it and keep pushing!! Do you know that a lot of people don't succeed because at the first sign of opposition they give up. Don't let that be you, have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, create a plan of action, and start excuting. I met a lady recently and she told me her goal...she then proceeded to tell me why she hasn't started going after it. My advice to her was, if your goals are important you need to live your life in a constant chance after your goals. If money is an issue, start saving and every little bit does add up. Trust me, I can hear 1 million excuses as to why I shouldn't or won't make it...but I am going to give you one reason why I will....I believe in what I set out to do. Believe in yourself and start chasing, don't wait for the perfect moment. This weekend my son turns 9 years old and I can proudly say I am showing him how to go after what you want in life. I would love for you to do one excercise this week and that is create a list of why you can't and then burn it and create yourself a poster that says you believe in yourself. Place that poster somewhere in your house, so that it is in your face everyday. Anybody can lie to me, but are you willing to lie to yourself? Have a great weekend and I will see you all Monday. Ms.Breezy

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