Today I am probably not going to inspire or motivate much, but I am actually going to put a warning out. Over the past few weeks I have come to realize some people really are what their reputation paints them to be. I give a lot of people the benefit of a doubt and listen when they tell me they are different from what I have heard. What I do is sit back and watch, because regardless of what someone tells you their actions will speak a lot louder than their words. There are a few people that tell me straight up that they dislike a certain behavior or character trait, but then turn right around and do it themselves. WTF is that about? Is it excusable to do what you think is wrong, but when you do it we should give you a pass? I personally feel like I cannot be mad at the next person for doing the exact same thing I do. It seems that people are losing finesse, ethics, professionalism, loyalty, and all other applaudable traits and are opting for the lesser than desirable ones. Have you ever just sat back and watched how people act? I do not mean people whom you do not general deal with, I mean your circle of friends.

I used to deal with a few different people, although I did not consider them my friends. I realize now that just being associated with them made me look bad and to be honest at some point in my life I probably made certain people look bad by hanging out with me. I am willing to admit I made mistakes and I messed up, but that is a part of growing up. The thing that I do not understand is the people that do not grow up, but they do grow old. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!! I cannot make people act the way I prefer, but what I can do is to continue to sit back and watch them. This does not mean I am nosy, this means that when I make the decision to not be associated with them I have valid reasons why. We do not have to remain friends with certain people when their actions negatively affect us. I recommend you to do some "people watching" and decide what traits you dislike, but at the same time make sure you are not doing the same thing. We should constantly take inventory on ourselves, especially if we are going to start requiring certain actions out of others. Anyways that is how I am feeling this Tuesday morning, how you doin'??? <---LOL, sorry I watch reruns of friends every morning and I love me some JOEY!!!
Ms. Breezy

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